Sustainable- Mandatory for all of us

We estimate and love very much our home Chile and his people. For this is it so important for us, that our Hotel Lodge in Pucon not caused any damage of the country in specialy of the environment! we want to cause benefits! The forum environment and development are defined tourism like: Sustainable tourism must be social, cultural, ecological and satisfy economically compatibility critera! Sustainable tourism is a long -term, that means current and  future generation have to be ethically, socially just and cultural customized, ecological viable and economically meaningful! We evalute our company steady on the sustainable criteria and engage us to improve the benefits for the population! In our Lodging  Landhaus Pucon we take care of legal requirements in the area of health, security, labor and enviroments rules.

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The Natur Hotel Landhaus Caburgua they can not booked in Booking or other OTA!

Only Here Online Booking!!

For sustainable and Fair Trade reason we are not working together with these companies!

Therefor from the begining travel sustainable - Book your lodging directly by the owners and travel from start on sustainable!

We awaite you! We try to answering all your question per email, whatsapp or by phone.


Gabriela und Andreas

What can you expect from Landhaus

We hold what we promise! Our marketing is limited of our really indeed posibilities to provide all benefits to our clients.

The capacity of our lodge were coordinated and harmoniously with the infrastructur and landscape of the patagonia natur!

We offer a huge material of information over the region like Pucon, Caburgua, National Park Huerquehue, Villarica and over chilean culture, flora and fauna of chilean natur!

Our food we buy local and organic from our neighbours or in local market also from our own organic farm producion!

Our employees, they are almost local and we offer a social fair salary that allowed a reasonable way of live.

We reduce, together with our guest, waste and save up energie.

Landhaus hotel celebrite for you every day a country breakfast (bufett), that is well known by our guest! House made bread, jam with our own organic fruits, Vegetable and fruits juice, etc!

With our warm hostpitality, culinary delights from our own organic farm and from the hand of Gabriela. We want and hope that our space will be full of power, freedom and  get a decelerated life.






Active volcano Villarrica - Nationalpark Huerquehue und Villarrica

Let to advise you about hike and ourdoor tours which our guides. We are starting directly from our Lodge!


Food in the Landhaus - the redescovery of food

Our breakfast and dinner so loved by our friends, Fresh - Local - from our organic farm directly on the table!

Our homemade bread, jam with own fruits of our garden, fresh and organic for the breakfast.. and then in the evening our DINNER,

so much loved from our guest...

Easily - Save - Funny  

The Programs of Landhaus

We will show you all secrets of the lake district! Nationalpark Villarrica - Huerquehue - Conguillio